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My inspiration is due, in large part, to the these sweet humans & their eagerness to find beauty in the simplest of things - each hour of every day.



Each piece of artwork is woven together
with lines from this poem as their titles

I see you from across the gallery; glowing and elegant with the last of childhood 

dancing around you like a thousand joyous spirits. ⁣

You are listening to it all with your big eyes and whole heart,

letting life flow through you and calling it art. ⁣

You dance, wild and free

through galleries meant for standing,

Making Art in notebooks along with the masters 

Out of crayons and a no. 2 pencil. 

You remind me to not fuss over the details 

(except for the extra beautiful ones); 

that none of it really matters.  

Except for love, that is. ⁣

You remind me that a smile 

actually feels quite good, 

and that compassion does too 

You need me. ⁣

But I also need you. ⁣




layers of watercolor, gold, silver, acrylic, and oil paint,

these pieces are deeply inspired by the earth, freedom, beauty, and belonging.

5x7 - 8x10 inches / $185 - $235 / framing available


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