"Clipping from Spain No. 2" 7x10 inch watercolor painting

"Clipping from Spain No. 2" 7x10 inch watercolor painting


In the same way that many travelers gather buds and leaves to be pressed between pages while they visit new places I gather clippings, trace their form onto watercolor paper, and create these monochromatic memories of time and place. This branch + leaves is from a hedge in Spain, spilling over with the green and purple and white. The roots of this plant must have been as old as the wall itself, it’s foliage dense and lush. Ah, so such is Spain! Beauty and lush nourishment everywhere.

"Clipping from Spain No. 2"

Mixed media painting (mostly watercolor) on thick cotton paper. I love this medium because the pigments and water react to each other so organically I can only stand back and admire.  

7x10 inches. Unframed - however framing is available here (chose the 12x16 frame) or through Framebridge.

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