LIVE Masterclass: Making Art WORK (October 3rd)

LIVE Masterclass: Making Art WORK (October 3rd)


Wednesday, October 3rd, 1:00pm eastern time

This masterclass is perfect for you if you desire to:

  • Establish value in your creative work

  • Better market your art online

  • Successfully launch collections of work

  • Create a bond with your collectors 

Oh the “early years” of being an artist in the online community!  So much possibility as you find your way in this wild, beautiful world.  The paths stretch in front of you numerous and bright and I hope you take each step with joy and peace knowing you are exactly where you need to be.  Right now.  You’re doing it!  You’re ON the path! 

Maybe you want to be further down the path - further into the future you imagine, reveling in all of your success… but you know what?  You’re already succeeding just by being here! So revel!  Celebrate! And then step onwards. 

But let’s be honest: the early steps can feel overwhelming at times.  Can I get an AMEN?  It can be tricky to know when and how to move forward.

In this masterclass we are going to discuss the big picture concepts that will help you successfully take your dreams out of the clouds, put them on paper, and effectively share them with the world!

  • Creating unique, QUALITY work: tapping into your passion and inspiration

  • Marketing your work online

  • Using Instagram effectively

  • Setting up a website that tells your stories and sells FOR YOU

  • Diversifying your studio products

  • creating a sustainable workflow & lifestyle

  • avoiding burnout

  • worksheets to help you turn ideas into actions

  • + time for questions and discussion

I titled this masterclass “Making Art Work” because my goal is for you to find sustainable success in your creative business. It should work for you!

The EJ Mastermind is full for 2018-19, but this masterclass is the perfect alternative! I am going to move quickly, speak fast, and try to share basically EVERYTHING with you in 2 hours. Get ready. :)


  • Is this class live? Yep! No pre-recorded content here! We will meet live on which ever date you chose. You’ll be able to see me and the class content live and can ask me questions and talk via the chat function (you will not be on video - don’t worry) ;)

  • I can’t attend the live class, can I watch the replay? Yes! I’ll send the replay within 24 hours of the class completion

  • I’m an emerging artist, is this class right for me? YES. Perfect for you

  • I’m an experienced artist, but I’m new to selling online. Is this right for me? YES. Perfect for you.

  • I’m pretty well established but feel the need to grow. Is this class right for me? YES! Perfect for you.

  • I’m not an artist, but I do make thing and sell them online. Is this class right for me? YES. Perfect for you. I’ll speak specifically about selling “art” and “handmade goods” but you can totally apply the principals across the board.

  • Do I need any special tech to join this class? Nope! I’ll send you a link and log in info two hours before the class and it will be easy to join!

  • Will I be able to ask you about _____? Yep! There will be time for Q&A at the end when I will answer questions that fall under the theme of the class discussion.

    Join me on this beautiful, exciting, unfolding journey!

    After you reserve your seat, a PDF will be emailed to you welcoming you to the course.

    (Also available September 3rd here)

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