Pricing Artwork: a workbook designed to simplify & empower

Pricing Artwork: a workbook designed to simplify & empower


How do you put a number, an amount, on your passion & creative energy?   I get it.   This painting is your baby!  It’s priceless!

...but you also want to sell your work. 

Trust me.  I GET IT.  


Pricing artwork can be tricky & subjective (even for the professionals) so I am sharing with you the systems are formulas I personally follow when pricing artwork.

I have sold over a thousand paintings throughout my career, leading to hundreds of thousands in original artwork sales -- and setting up a simple pricing model was key in that.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that having a clear system in place is crucial when it comes to pricing artwork.  The right structure can set you up for success and offer you so much emotional and financial freedom!  


In this workbook we will

  • clearly and simply walk through defining your income goals and needs
  • plan for growth & for lean seasons
  • work through monthly income goals (PS. mine was $400 a month when I started out and I have been able to grow that amount exponentially!)
  • market research so you can better understand your community - but do what is right for you
  • I will walk you through three distinct formulas so you can easily define a pricing model that fits your needs. 

This workbook was written by me - an artist (not a math wiz or economist) so you know this is going to be achievable, relatable, (beautiful) ;)  and is going to speak directly to your needs and thoughts as an artist.  Together we will take big steps towards dispelling the fear of pricing!

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