Nature has a way of awakening us without warning, inspiring quiet, peace, belonging. The way the sunset washes the city with hues of pink, the pattern of the leaves in the trees on a summer day, the delicate fading of an old flower; these things stop me in my tracks and remind me that I am part of something intricate and unspeakably beautiful.  

Nature Praises Peace, allowing creation to whisper calm into our lives, reminding us to worship.  

I begin with beautiful raw wood (“scraps” from my grandfather’s wood shop) and a wide variety of elements that organically evolve into collective wholes in the collage form.  I enjoy symbolizing the connectedness of life with string and wire - physically binding things together.  

Some of the collages feature ink paintings of landscapes, others blue and white cyanotypes I created with my daughters with clippings from our summer garden.  Creating these collages is a tangible reminder for me to slow down, enjoy the beauty around me - even the scraps and little bits of otherwise discarded elements - and to meditate on Peace.


(This collection of artwork was created in 2013-2016)