1-on-1 Creative Consultation

1-on-1 Creative Consultation


Your customers and collectors (current & future) want to get to know you – to share in your passion and to catch your vision.  Let's talk about ways to do this clearly, naturally, and elegantly.  I’ll share my past successes and failures as well as ways to refine your brand to share your story more clearly.  

This hour long conversation is perfect for artist, designers, makers, and visionaries who are interested in growing their online business through organic storytelling and lifestyle branding.


Big focusses:

Storytelling and engaging your audience

Creating a sustainable business: personally and professionally

Marketing effectively to tell your story (and sell your goodness!)

Building a cohesive body of work or collection



Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook)

Addressing the unique aspects of your business


I would LOVE to work with you to strengthen your creative business.


This listing is your reservation for a one-on-one 60-75 minute Google+ or Skype online video chat.  We can talk face to face and share screens so that we are able to really delve into the good stuff.


I'll share resources, habits, and lessons I've learned along this creative journey that have rocked my business and have helped me clarify my story.   

I will also send you a beautiful PDF booklet and a full resource list of things that have helped me immensely in my creative career.  


Please come to the conversation with a portfolio of work (or at least a really solid idea) and a lot of questions!  This conversation will be most profitable if is full and focused on the topics of most importance to you.


I can't wait to talk with you!

Now scheduling conversations for Thursdays (12:30pm est), in January - March.  Other dates availalble if needed.  




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