2-Day Painting Retreat & Creative Business Workshop, Greenville, SC

2-Day Painting Retreat & Creative Business Workshop, Greenville, SC


I am excited to host this 2 day creative retreat + workshop because it blends all aspects of creativity & entrepreneurship into a weekend of inspiration and helpful conversation about creating a sustainable business.  

Join me in my studio & private home in Greenville, SC, for a weekend of inspiration, painting, creative coaching, and business planning. 

This is going to be a fun and relaxing environment; a place to try new artistic skills, refresh your purpose as a creative soul, and get a bit nerdy as we discuss Instagram, design, and sustainability -- all while enjoying my beautiful studio, meals in my home, and encouraging conversations all around.


This workshop is perfect for beginners and advanced artists alike.  It is specifically geared towards those pursuing a creative "day job" (or who hope to in the near future).  I'll answer any questions you might have about painting, producing art consistently, business, marketing, and well, anything else that falls under that big beautiful umbrella.    

My hope is that you leave this weekend refreshed, relaxed, and with a mind full of fresh ideas.  


A few things to look forward to:

self-paced painting schedule in both watercolor and oil paint. 


Painting demonstrations and instruction in my methods for mixing, blending, brushing, and finishing a painting in a way that satisfies you.  


Social Media Workshop:

- using the many online platforms to clearly share your work and your vision

- marketing in a totally non-gross way

- nourishing an audience that will support you and your work - financially + emotionally

- creating a community around your work

- reaching new customers and collectors through Instagram specifically


Sustainable Creativity Workshop:

- Nurturing Inner vs. outer goals

- Finding alternate revenue streams & forms of creativity

- Quantifying the value of exploration and refreshment

- Generating income so your vision can thrive

- Creating a lifestyle that you actually enjoy

- Designing a business around your creative passion(s)


Roundtable Discussion and 1-on-1 Coaching

As the attendee size is limited, we will have the chance to discuss your individual questions and business needs.  Individual 1-on-1 conversations are welcome and encouraged throughout the weekend.   


Along with the structured workshops, there will be plenty of time to linger, refresh, wander outdoors, studying nature, creating artwork from gathered and found plants...  


This weekend is designed to be

equal parts encouragement & empowerment.



A European style Breakfast, Hearty Lunch, and afternoon snacks / wine are provided both days, prepared in my kitchen by wonderfully talented hands.  No starving artists here!  ;) 


All art supplies (oil, watercolor, and drawing) will be supplied from my studio.  I use only the highest quality paints and materials and will be happy to share my resource list at the workshop!  If you would like to bring your own supplies you are more than welcome to do so (please do not bring any mineral spirits or paint thinners - I will provide these in the healthiest form availalbe.)

Lodging is not provided, however, if you are interested in renting a collective AirB&B home to share with others from the group please email me and we can set that up!  Greenville offers several wonderful hotels and many adorable AirBnB's at affordable prices.  

The weather in September is usually in the high 80's and warm, but showers are always possible, so dress accordingly!  

The group sizes is limited to 10 attendees to allow for wonderful creative exploration and conversations.


Friday & Saturday, September 22nd-23rd, 10AM - 5PM each day




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