the EJ Mastermind is just about to begin and, with it, a full year of inspiration, encouragement, learning, & sisterhood.


(not to fluff you up tooooo much but, seriously, I am so excited to have YOU as part of this community!)


Everyone I have invited into this Mastermind has such deep creative talent, a full portfolio of inspiring work, legitimately inspired me, and desire for actual community and accountability -- which is why I am sure we will do amazing things together.  I can't wait to introduce you all to each other! 


SO LET'S dive in!

  • Our first meeting is to be held on September 4th at 11:30 eastern time and will last for 90 minutes. 
  • We'll be meeting over Zoom which is super easy to use.  You will be on video but please don't stress about looking all glam (unless that's your thing...)
  • each month we will discuss a specific topic for the first few minutes (holiday marketing, social media, sustainability, goal setting...) but most of the time will be focused on community discussion and building.  
  • The small group meeting will be held on either the third or fourth Tuesday of the month (or as needed by your small group).  We will discuss the small groups in our first meeting. 
  • You will also be invited into the private Facebook Group where we can celebrate successes, ask questions, and bring up extra topics throughout the month.  
  • Our IN PERSON Retreat will be help on either August 2nd - 3rd OR August 23rd - 24th (we'll vote in early 2019) :)
  • I will be putting together a "directory" of the Mastermind members so we can visit each other's sites, follow, and get to know each other's businesses. 


Complete your registration below


Payment due by September 1st (please let me know if you need extra time to make the first payment - I am here to work WITH you)

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to join this year's Mastermind, please do let me know before September 1st.