Birthing Affirmation (all profits go to charity)

Birthing Affirmation (all profits go to charity)


Well congratulations!

I presume that because you are reading this you are expecting a sweet bundle of joy into your life quite soon - or know someone who is!

Nourishing life, giving birth, and caring for a little human is one of the most sacred and beautiful season of the human experience and should be celebrated as such.

My hope is that these affirmations, bring you strength and grace in the most tender of moments. You are a wild woman, a warrior, a tender thing, and a life-maker.

I have written a set of birthing affirmations to help lead you through the birthing process. These words echoed in my mind while bringing my own babe into the world and they brought me so much peace and clarity. Childbirth can be peaceful and like a dance - and your mind controls much of that.

Included in this download are 12 pages of affirmations. I recommend printing the affirmations on 8.5x11 paper (or two per page at 5.5x8.5) and have them on hand during your birthing process - especially in early labor and into transition when the waves become a bit more productive. Read them slowly and let the words internalize and serve as a mantra.

You’ve got this! I have full faith in you!

The downloadable file will be available on the order confirmation page and again in your email for 24 hours.

(All profits go to support Every Mother Counts - helping expectant less-advantaged mamas without access to prenatal care or safe birthing environments)

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