Black & White Artwork for Bebe (all profits go to charity)

Black & White Artwork for Bebe (all profits go to charity)


Oo la la! Classy bébé-art!

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I created this series of black and white artwork because I wanted to offer my young babe something stimulating, entraining, and educational to look at, but something a bit more interesting than the BW “baby art” I found online. It was so much fun designing the shapes (which are heavily inspired by the moon phases).

When I propped a couple in front of him the next day he was captivated. He could not take his eyes from them! It was amazing and one of the sweetest moment of my artistic journey - to see my sweet infant enjoying something so simple and made with love.

While I would like to make it a sappy mother-child connection thing, there is some legit science behind baby’s obsession with black and white and simple, rounded shapes.

Between 0-6 months (and beyond) babies are training their eyes, improving their sight every second they are awake. This flat, high-contrast artwork is the perfect place to practice! Babies can’t see in color at first, so the crisp lines and clean shapes are extra pleasing while the subtleties in the ink wash areas seem to keep baby’s attention a bit longer than a completely even color would - and it just looks pretty!

Six 5x7 ink paintings. The downloadable file will be available on the order confirmation page and again in your email for 24 hours.

(All profits go to support Every Mother Counts - helping expectant less-advantaged mamas without access to prenatal care or safe birthing environments)

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