"Finding Quiet", 19x25 framed oil painting

"Finding Quiet", 19x25 framed oil painting


One of the greatest joys of wandering through fields and landscapes is the quietness. Not that the countryside is void of sound - the symphony of noise found in nature is rich, constant, and loud - but it offers us a chance to find some inner quietness and the space to breathe.

“The Exploration Collection” is inspired by lands I had not been to before that somehow feel familiar as we walk through untamed fields and under fresh skies.  Exploration takes you outside of yourself and gives you space to embrace discovery, to wander and rejoice.  

“Finding Quiet” is a 18x24 inch oil painting, framed in a minimalistic wooden frame to be 19x25.

This collection was deeply inspired by our visit to the UK.  We wandered up mountain trails, rested by still Lochs, relished the lush greens and nourished lands.  But it is also inspired by France and Spain and Texas and Colorado… because the lands that unite us are connected and have more similarities than they do differences and that is where my work finds its home.  So, while I personally found inspiration from Scotland, you may find a connection in the artwork to another place and I am just fine with that!  ;) 

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