"Warming Sunset", 13x17 framed oil painting

"Warming Sunset", 13x17 framed oil painting


Soft and flowing, "Warming Sunset" is a truly special painting. Begun while staying at a chateau in France and is one of the only landscapes I have ever created on paper, this piece offered me space to experiment and to fall in love with the creative process — and in SUCH a beautiful place!

 The Exploration Collection, inspired by lands I had not been to before that somehow feel familiar as we walk through untamed fields and under fresh skies.  Exploration takes you outside of yourself and gives you space to embrace discovery, to wander and rejoice.  

Warming Sunset, oil on paper (the paper is suitable for oil paints and will not deteriorate under the oil paint.) The artwork is mounted on canvas and framed in a minimalistic wooden floater frame (13x17 inches framed).

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