"New Fields" 31x31 oil painting

"New Fields" 31x31 oil painting


Soothing and lush, there is something regenerative about spending time in a grassy place - nourishment visible all around.  This is the first painting I tried my hand at after having the baby.  I found my self combating the timidness I felt inside at returning to the studio with this new tiny, frail life in my arms with the strong, soothing shades of green you see here.  Literally pouring life back into my mind with this color which is rich with a history of nourishment and vitality.  


Part of the New Life Collection:
Created in the months following my baby’s birth, this collection glows with light and vibrance.  My son is 5 months old now and we have been through the deepest and most beautiful moments together.  He comes to the studio with me and I piece together short painting sessions in between feedings and naps.  Though my creative flow has been a bit more scattered than I am used to, the depth this precious life has added to my life speaks into every area, especially my artwork (sleepless nights and all).

"A Soft Renewal" is a 30x40 inch oil painting on cotton canvas, framed in a minimalistic wooden floater frame (31x41 framed).   The piece will arrive ready to hang!

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This painting still needs to be vanished just as soon as the oil paint is dry enough to do so.  

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