Cooler Days Gallery Wall

Cooler Days Gallery Wall

185.00 200.00

This is such a beautiful option for those wide, empty walls and rooms needing just a little extra color.  Keep these pieces together in a gallery wall and they will interact with each other beautifully, enhancing the colors and tones to create a truly dynamic feature wall.  Or, split them up to make statements all over your home!  

This set includes:
- "Silence & Mystery" 18 x 24 inch print  ($110)
- "Wander with Me" 11x14 inch print ($60)
- "Cadence No. 4" 10x10 inches ($50)

$220 originally but purchased in a collection: $185

Printed on wonderful flat fine art quality printing canvas and hand-cut in studio. 

PRINTED TO ORDER - please allow some time for our wonderful local printer to create your print. Processing time is dependent on the quantity of prints we have in the works (usually 2 weeks). 


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