the Painter's Box // French Watercolors

the Painter's Box // French Watercolors

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Give yourself (or someone you love) a box full of creative inspiration and the most beautiful art supplies to fuel their artistic passion. 


Included in this collection:

- The best watercolor fine art paints from my favorite art shop in Paris, the historic Sennelier.  Sennelier has provided paints to artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh (so we're in good company!) 

- A stack of fine watercolor papers, hot press and cold press, to inspire experimentation and beautiful results.  These are the same papers I use to create my watercolor pieces. 

- 3 of my favorite watercolor brushes, the Hake Brushes; soft-bristled, gentle, and able to hold an amazing amount of water and paint.  1, 1.5, & 2 inches 

- Two Palette Prints from my studio, printed on thick cardstock, ready to frame.

- A booklet of information, tips, ideas, and instruction, written by me, to encourage you through this beautiful journey.   Includes a list of creative exercises (straight out of my college watercolor painting classes) as well as advice for creating a successfully composed painting.  


This collection will arrive in a beautiful box, ready to open and start painting!  

(list of additional supplies you may desire is included in the booklet - such as a palette, paper towels, and a vessel for water)


Last year I had the honor of visiting Sennelier art shop in Paris France.  The hour I spent in that  historic shop changed the way I felt about art supplies and my connection with art history.  Tucked quietly in the center of Paris, across from the bustling Louvre, the beautiful shop opened in 1887 and was soon frequented by artists such as Suzanne, Gauguin, and Picasso. Van Gogh also frequently used Sennelier paints. This historic family-run business has been refining and developing artist materials from the beginning, even inventing the oil stick at the request of Picasso. Now, while using some of the most beautiful French watercolor paints available, we are also connected with this rich bit of art history.  

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