Cadence No 4, wrapped canvas 6x6

Cadence No 4, wrapped canvas 6x6

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Cadence No. 4 is smooth and silky. It feels like the soothing notes of a ballad while it's bright colors long to bring the world to life. Creating abstract artwork often feels like music to me. I paint the emotions I love to hear.

This print has been varnished with a UV protective varnish (which adds a small bit of texture to the print) and stretched around a wooden frame.  It can easily be framed with a floater frame or hung as is by a small nail.

On sale because this is not something I regularly offer and these pieces are just sitting in my closet.  Please hand it on you wall instead.  ;)   
Please note that the printer made an error and cropped the piece so that only part of my signature is visible from the front (see image).  I will sign the piece on the back. 

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