Expanse & Peace 30x40 + 24x34 (unframed)

Expanse & Peace 30x40 + 24x34 (unframed)

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Some moments are so soft and gentle they overtake your very being, creating a deep sense of peace and contentment.  This landscape feels like one of those moments; in which a rhythmic poetry takes over nearly everything. 


Printed on wonderful flat fine art quality printing canvas with a giclee large scale professional printer and hand-cut in studio.  


  • 30x40: This piece is on sale as a part of the Studio Spring Cleaning.  There is NO damage or blemish on the canvas or in the printing. 
  • 24x34: this piece has been varnished (ya!) but it has a small white dot within the varnish (see image).  Totally not detracting from the piece at all. 

t o t a l l y  b e a u t i f u l

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