"Hope In the Morning" Varnished + FRAMED, 22x28 inches

"Hope In the Morning" Varnished + FRAMED, 22x28 inches

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This landscape is a vibrant dance and a warm poem.  Peach and rose sunset arches over the summer land in a lush, abstract scene.  


Printed on wonderful flat fine art quality canvas with a giclee large scale professional printer and hand-cut in studio; this piece seriously looks like an original painting.  -- And it arrives stretched, framed, and ready to hang!  


Floater frames are perhaps the best way to make a print look and feel as much like an original as possible.  They elegantly enhance the artwork, allowing the it to make an even lovelier and larger presence in the room.  

Each frame is custom made out of high quality artisan materials with so much attention to detail.


This framing includes varnish!  
We apply this fine art finish in my studio to protect the artwork from sun damage and unintended wear and tear.  

Frame Details:

- Wooden floater frame moldings

- canvas artwork stretched and hung so it appears to float inside

- Protective paperback finish

- Wall bumpers

- Hanging hardware

- Each frame arrives gift-wrapped in kraft paper


Please note that there is a small smudge in the right hand corner.  It blends into the flow of the painting, but I wanted to make you aware of it!  See third image.  xo.

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