Sennelier Oil Sticks

Sennelier Oil Sticks

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Two beautiful OIL STICKS!  


Oil sticks are my secret weapon in my painting process - I love using them to create my sketch directly on the canvas.


I purchased these large oil sticks while at the Sennelier shop in Paris - beautiful colors and oil paint texture!  These sticks are quite large (about 1.5 inches in diameter).  In case you're not familiar with oil painting sticks, they are literally just oil paint with a little less oil (more pigment) and can be used exactly like paint on your canvas.  I typically use my brushes and a little added linseed oil to blend the lines these sticks create.

As you can see, I have used these a bit (especially the white) and you will need to remove the skin that naturally forms over the paint before using these sticks to create your masterpiece.


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