"The Eloise Pallet" 8x8

"The Eloise Pallet" 8x8

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The Eloise Palette is warm and bright.  The colors swirl together while still remaining fresh, vibrant, and bright.  

As an artist, I find a lot of clarity and poetry in the paint palette.  This is the start of my inspiration; the root of every painting - and it has become Art in-and-of itself to me.  

Giclee print on heavy 100% cotton rag watercolor paper  (please allow 7-10 business days for our local printing house to create your artwork)


This piece is on sale as a part of the Studio Spring Cleaning because I no longer offer this size in my shop.  But this beauty needs to be on someone's wall regardless!  It is one of my favorite pieces...   

There is NO damage or blemish on the paper or in the printing.

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