"What art offers is space -a certain breathing room for the spirit."  -John Updike

my husband and I (and often our two girls) share two large studios
in the historic white whale studios & gallery in greenville, sc.  

these spaces are white washed, full of natural light, high CEILINGS, and all the good vibes.  


This is where I retreat, experiment (make messes), & create 

Being a full time artist and a full time mother has it's challenges, but the rewards are immense.  Watching my little girls live life vibrantly & fully inspires me to be a better artist each day.  

To read more of my perspective on life as an artist & mother check out this essay.


You should totally come by my studio! 

401 Smythe Street
Greenville, SC

Please email me to set up an appointment.  I would love to meet you!
shop @ EmilyJeffords.com


a huge thank you to:

Chris Isham - photography
Paige French - photography
The Traveling Storytellers - video directed by Sam Windell